Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Groundhogs Day

 You all know what time of year it is... yep it's almost Groundhogs Day!
So, I was making no-bake cookies last night when I saw this cutest little groundhog cookie on Pinterest and I just had to add one to my cookies. But, it is actually not that cute- kinda the opposite. haha but it's fun. I mean whose stuff ever comes out looking perfectly Pinteresque? (new word to add to the 21st century dictionary)
Anyway, Happy Groundhogs Day on February 2nd (Saturday) and let's all hope he doesn't see his shadow!

February 2nd also happens to be my brother's birthday so Happy Birthday Brenton!
(there's probably a one in a million chance he'll read this haha)

If you were wondering, this is the one I saw on Pinterest:

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Big Apple

This is actually old news, but I never put it on my blog so I thought I'd better do that.

Preston got an internship/job offer in New York City!

Preston found out a couple months ago that he got an internship at Credit Suisse- an investment bank- this summer. So we'll be moving out there for the summer and then coming back to Provo for a semester or two so he can finish school. After that the plan is to move out to New York to work for at least two years!

I've never been to New York before so it's hard to know if I'll like it. Going from the small, rural town of Heber to Manhattan will be a big change for me, but I'm sure I can handle it for a couple months :) The great thing is that we have some awesome couples from BYU that are going too, so that'll help to have some friends there.

We're so excited for this part of our lives! It's crazy to me that in a couple months I'll be done with school, living in New York City, and starting a career. Kinda overwhelming.. but times like this make me realize how blessed I am to have the Church wherever I go and the technology to stay in touch with friends and family.

So that's what on my mind tonight.

P.S. We haven't found an apartment yet, so if anyone has any connections there, let us know!

haha Preston would kill me if he knew
I put this picture on here so don't tell :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Blues

Remember how I was going to try to post more often? Well I don't know if I said that, but I thought in my mind that I would start blogging at least once a week. And I haven't. And you know why? Because I can't think of a darn thing going on lately besides me wishing every day that it would just warm up above freezing. Is that too much to ask?

Seriously, since Christmas all I have wanted to do is stay in my apartment, in a blanket, and eat soup. Yet every day I have to make the trek up to school and back in the frigid, arctic air, and that kinda makes a person a little depressed (at least it does to me). I hate how I never want to go anywhere because I don't want to get in a freezing car, and it seems like there is nothing to do in the winter! Saturdays in the summer are the best, we would always play tennis, have barbecues, go to the golf course, go swimming, go running outside, etc, etc. And all we do on Saturdays now is watch TV and study- it's no fun.

 ...Okay I am done complaining now. 

I really shouldn't even be complaining because I'm actually a pretty lucky person. I am only taking 9 credits at school, I have a decent job, a wonderful husband, and some great friends. I also have a nice warm apartment that I love.

And I also shouldn't be complaining because Provo/Utah is a beautiful place to be 9 out of the 12 months.

But, I just NEED it to be spring now. I'm so over winter.

I would give anything for a warm summer evening like this:
Does this picture make anyone else's heart hurt??

Lots of great photos from Sun Flare photo challenge
from Pinterest

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Discoveries of 2012

You know how people do favorite moments, pictures, trips, etc of the year at the start of a new year? Well I wanted to do something like that because I have a few things that I LOVE and I want to share those finds with any one who reads my blog. I also had a blogs recommendation thing after these, but I decided to take it off because first of all I don't know if people are funny about their blogs being shared, and second of all because some of my favorite blogs are people who don't know me haha. So I didn't want to seem like some weird stalker.. even though I am I guess.

Also when I say "products," they aren't actually all products so... just go with it :)


It's a 10
I love leave-in conditioner and this stuff does it all.. it lists like 10 things on the back that it does, but I just love that it detangles and makes my hair way more manageable. Even though it's a spray bottle, it's creamy, like lotion, inside, so it's not just liquid.. for some reason that matters to me. I bought some for just $15 at the hair products store at the mall, and I think I am going to be hooked!

Product Image

Estee Lauder
My mom got me some of this face lotion and it is seriously the best! I actually had always gotten face lotions from the grocery store, and they were always either too oily, not thick enough, or did absolutely nothing, so this changed my life. It smells amazing, feels like satin rubbing it on your face, and it really works!

Richard Paul Evans books
I like to throw in book recommendations whenever possible, and I think I already talked about this author in another post, but I have read even more of his books and am obsessed. He lives in Salt Lake City and has written a ton of books. They are mostly feel-good books, with a bunch of Christmas ones which were fun to read for the holidays. Anyway, he's a great author.. try reading one of his books!

Bare Minerals
Probably everyone already knows about Bare Minerals and how great their makeup is, but just in case you've never tried it, this is for you. This powder is amazing, it is good for your skin, doesn't look too heavy (unless used excessively), and covers really well! I have been using it for years and have never wanted to try something different. I also use their eye shadows, bronzer, and blush. They are all awesome.

Volume Mousse
I have the flattest hair in the world. Although this doesn't exactly work miracles, it is the best drugstore product I have found for increasing volume. 

I know you're probably thinking "Pandora is so old news" but for me it got revived again these past couple months because I discovered two things: classical piano stations and broadway musical stations. The piano station totally got me through finals, and I have been obsessed with Les Miserables songs since I saw the movie, so the broadway channel lets me listen to all those songs plus Phantom of the Opera and whatever else! It's great!

I actually discovered the beauty of avocados about 2 years ago through Preston and his family. They continue to amaze me though. Avocados make almost any dish 20 times better. They are also good for you so that is a huge plus! I can't believe I never really ate avocado all growing up.. I hope my kids appreciate how good they are.

This is a restaurant in Provo. It was actually a catering company, but their food is so amazing, I guess they decided to open a restaurant. It's mostly open for lunches and it's cafeteria style. It is like homemade cooking on steroids.. that actually sounds awful.. but you know what I mean. Professional homemade cooking... anyway just try it!

Soel Boutique
This is a shop at the Riverwoods in Provo. It has the cutest clothes and the cutest baby things (although the baby things are pretty pricey). According to me there aren't that many great places to shop in Provo anymore, so this place is a lifesaver!

Nike for Kinect 
 We got an Xbox for Christmas this year with a Kinect. I am not really in to video games at all, but we got this Nike training game that does exercising programs tailored to you, and it can see everything you do so it is perfect. I am really not that good at explaining this, so if you want a great workout-at-home program and you have Xbox, then check this out. Preston and I are doing every other day at the gym and then on the off days we do the Nike training. It is kicking our butts!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Catching up

It's definitely time to start blogging again. I've taken like a 4 month break and I think it's because I got stressed with school... and because I think blogging is a lot like exercising- if you do it every day then it's not that bad, but when you go a whole month without exercising then it is quite a challenge to get back into it. I have been slacking on both, and I am back to going to the gym and now it's time to start blogging again because just like exercising, I really enjoy it when I actually do it.

I'm not going to try to fill in all the gaps of the past couple months, but let's just say that they were fun and exciting (and stressful until finals were over). But on Monday I'm back to school with a fresh slate and it also happens to be my last slate!!! I am graduating after this semester!!!! I am pretty happy to be done with school for two main reasons: 1. walking up to campus everyday (especially when it's below freezing outside) and 2. Homework. I hate both. But I am going to miss my classes. I love being in class and learning, and I love my teachers and all the people in the advertising program and all the great people I've met at BYU throughout the last couple years. It will be very different to not spend all of my time here anymore.

Some big things that have happened since I last posted are:

Halloween- ok maybe it wasn't that big of a thing since Preston and I were party poopers this year, but we did go to an amazing murder mystery party put on by my friends Shayla and Nicole


My birthday- Turned 22 this year, and Taylor Swift celebrated by writing me a song which I love. :)

California for Thanksgiving- I was sooo thankful to get out of the cold for a few days and celebrate Thanksgiving with my in-laws. The trip included Disneyland, Manhattan Beach, Newport Beach, Fashion Island, playing at the park in the sun, a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, and being surrounded by great people. I would go back there in a heartbeat if I could.

Took some family pictures at a park

Waiting in line for Thunder Mountain

Disneyland castle

Boys playing football on the beach
Nieces at the beach

Finals- not a good week for me

CHRISTMAS BREAK!- A long, beautiful break from school that was much needed. We were just in Provo and Heber for the break, so nothing exotic, but sometimes it just feels so good to be able to relax and stay inside where it's warm. I'm already missing the Christmas season so much... it didn't help that ours ended abruptly the day after Christmas when Preston threw out the Christmas tree because it had been dead for two weeks. We were so excited to have a real Christmas tree this year, but just like every other real plant we've had in our apartment, we couldn't keep it alive. :( 

Our beautiful, REAL, little Christmas tree

Also we had our anniversary on December 28th! It's been a whole 2 years since we got married. I still love everything about Preston and am always amazed at how lucky I am! No matter what happens I always know he'll be there for me and keep me smiling!

December 28, 2010
Preston took me to The Roof for our anniversary dinner. It was perfect: a delicious buffet, live piano music, and overlooking the temple we were married in 2 years ago!

Once again, I know this is all over the place, but I'll try to keep up now :)