Saturday, September 21, 2013

Baby News! ...and other stuff

It's 5 am (on a Saturday) and I can't fall back asleep, so what do I decide to do? Blog!

So much has been going on lately and one thing I feel kinda guilty about is not announcing the gender of my baby!! I always thought I would be one of those girls that does all the cutsy announcement pictures, baby bump pictures, gender party, baby buying/decorating, etc. But nope, not one bit. I'm not even a mother yet and I already feel like a failure :( ...Just kidding, I'm not really too worried about it. I've been getting really busy lately and it's actually good to have my mind on other things than to be thinking about pregnancy 24/7.

Let me backtrack a little bit. First off, we got home from New York a month ago (I can't believe it's been a month now!) and had a wonderful two weeks of summer before jumping back into things. To begin with, we had to find an apartment. We apartment shopped like crazy before settling on a cute little old house in south Provo. We are just renting the upstairs and so far no renters in the downstairs yet! I was going to post a picture, but now I'm second guessing myself. Probably not a good idea on a public blog.. so if you're reading this, you'll have to come visit me!

Secondly, Preston went back to school for his last year and I got a job! It's my first full time, paid job (doing advertising) and I actually really like it! It's very stressful, busy, and crazy but it's doing what I love so it's perfect for me!

First day of work/school pictures:

My diploma came in the mail a couple weeks ago and I thought I should do something with it ha so I'll post it on my blog and give myself a pat on the back. Crazy how 4 years of tears, stress, long hours, (and all the great things that come with going to school of course) all boil down to a piece of paper and me being able to say I have a degree. Not going to lie, I'm going to miss it a lot. Definitely not going to miss the homework, but I loved going to classes and I loved a lot of my teachers.

Signed by President Monson!

Finally... the baby news!!

We found out last week that our precious little baby is a GIRL!! We're so so excited! Now we just need to get shopping and picking out a name... names are tough! Not that anyone would admit it, but I always wonder if people ever regret the name they choose for their baby..? I don't think they go throughout their whole life regretting it, but maybe in the couple weeks after they have it??

Anyway, back to what I was saying, baby Phillips is a healthy, active, girl and we've got a lot to do before she comes in January!

This was our poor attempt to do an "It's a Girl!" photo:

This is the extent of everything we have for our baby so far.. yeah like I said, we've got a lot to do :)
(by the way- that little newborn diaper is the sweetest thing I've ever seen)

I finally took a baby bump picture, so here I am at about 20 weeks. This is a few days before we found out the gender. I know I've said this all along but my belly is so much bigger than it looks in these pictures!!

Our ultrasound tech was a nice lady but boy did she give us some scary pictures to take home! haha I think I would prefer some non-x-ray pictures please!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekend in Cape Cod

This post is going back to the beginning of August. Preston had just finished his internship (like that day) and his parents flew out to New York City to see us and to take us on a weekend trip up north. I'm slightly obsessed with the northeast and could not stop smiling the whole drive out of the city. I LOVED seeing all the trees! Same thing as when we went to New Canaan earlier in the summer. The northeast just has such a charm to it.

Oh by the way, heading up to Cape Cod from New York City on the weekend is probably the worst idea. We were stuck in traffic for hours!! Same story on the way home on Sunday. Luckily I loved the scenery and being in a car again so I didn't mind too much, but it really was a looong drive.

Our first stop was a little restaurant that we ate at on the way to Newport. I had to get a picture of the view from the back.

The first night we stayed at a bed and breakfast in Newport. It was kind of a creepy old place to tell the truth, but it was an adventure! Newport is known for all its mansions, so we spent some time going to look at different mansions and even toured the Vanderbilt mansion, The Breakers, in the morning!

Newport pier

The morning we got up bright and early to tour the mansions. This is looking off the cliffs from some of their backyards.

I'm not sure which mansion this is but I thought it was GORGEOUS!

These are the gates into the Vanderbilt mansion

You can't take pictures inside the mansion, but here was one we took on the balcony. How would you like waking up and looking out at that view each morning?? By the way The Breakers was amazing! There was so much detail put into everything. 

After our morning touring the mansions we headed up to Cape Cod! The beach was beautiful and Preston laid down in the sand and was dead to the world for like a half hour haha. He had literally pulled all nighters for the past week up until then so he deserved a good nap!

It was a bit windy but I had to get a picture of the grasses and trees around the beach

That night we spent the night in Plymouth (yes the pilgrim Plymouth) at a perfect bed and breakfast. We were in heaven! In the picture below you can see the Mayflower in the back on the left hand side. There's a better picture further down though.

On Sunday we went to church and to see the Mayflower before heading back home to New York. This is actually just an exact replica of the Mayflower- not the real thing- but we were amazed how tiny it was! It looks big in the picture but it was pretty small to fit so many people.

After this we headed back to New York for one more week of my internship and then it was time to go back home to Utah!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

19 Weeks

It's been a long time since I've blogged- or even really been on a computer but now I'm back! It's kind of too bad because here I am half way through my pregnancy and I really haven't documented a thing, dang it. AND I had some blog posts I was writing in New York and never finished and now New York seems so long ago, so I probably won't even finish those.

So as much as you all hate it, I am going to play catch up (small scale) on these next couple blog posts starting with the beginning of the end of the summer- when we went to Cape Cod while we were in New York. But before I upload all those pictures, I wanted to do a pregnancy post because I've always secretly looked forward to answering the "pregnancy questions."

How far along?? 19 weeks

Size of the baby: about 6.5 inches and 10 oz

Maternity Clothes: finding maternity clothes is the biggest headache of my life. I have spent so much time trying to find cute maternity clothes that I don't have to order online. Anyone have any advice?? Back to the question- one pair of pants that I found at Old Navy. I wear them almost every day.

Weight gain/loss: Gain. I wasn't gaining much over the summer because I wasn't going to the gym but now that I'm back at the gym I'm gaining muscle and baby weight so yeah definitely gaining.

Sleep: I would give anything for a good, comfortable night of sleep. I shouldn't even be complaining because I know it's just going to get way worse, but I don't see how my shoulders or hips could ache any more. Help!

Stretch marks: none yet!

Best moment of the week: finally getting internet in our new house!

Movement: I think I feel the baby but I'm really not sure. I can't wait to be able to feel it and know that it's my baby moving around!

Symptoms: Things haven't been that bad lately. I still get nauseous in the morning but nothing like first trimester. Also I've been moving a lot of things into our new house and I get bad backaches..

Food cravings: nothing new- I've always got random cravings even before pregnancy so I haven't really noticed anything different.

Gender: We find out on Tuesday and I am just dying!!! (also getting a little nervous- I always picture myself with a girl so I think it'll be a little shock if it's a boy)

Belly button in or out: In, but barely. I guess I should say about surface level :(

Anything make you queasy or sick: Everything used to, but now it's mostly bad smells.. that's about it.

Labor signs: I would hope not!

Wedding ring on or off: On

What I miss: laying on my back comfortably, sitting on the floor comfortably, laying in the sun comfortably, and foods I shouldn't eat like eggs benedict, tuna fish, and deli turkey.

What I am looking forward to: Finding out the gender!! And feeling baby move- more distinctively

Nursery: We have a little room for it and I'm getting so excited to start getting stuff once we find out the gender. I have a color scheme all picked out for a girl, but still thinking about what I would do for a boy nursery.

Emotions: My emotions have been pretty crazy, but they kind of always are. Sometimes I just feel like crying for no reason, and sometimes I just get moody- like in the mornings when I get up and my body hurts everywhere.

Don't want to end on a bad note, so I'll mention that even though I am uncomfortable sometimes, for the most part I love this part of pregnancy- things are great. And I think every day about when my baby comes and when I'll get to hold it for the first time and witout fail that gets me a little choked up. I can't wait to meet my baby!!