Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Canaan for the 4th

Happy Independence Day!!!!
We sure had a happy one thanks to the kindest people I've never met. Our friends have some family friends who live in New Canaan, Connecticut that offered us their whole (gorgeous) house and their car  since they were going to be out of town. They even left their car at the train station for us to drive home in when we got there. Seriously it's hard to believe there are that generous of people out there in the world. I had been so sad that we wouldn't be with family or in Provo for the 4th, but this year turned out to be one of my favorites!

We got there the night before the 4th and were able to spend the night in a great bed for a change. :) The next morning we attended the church breakfast. Luckily no one asked us who we were. Then we headed out to the beach for a little sun. The beach we ended up at was kinda rocky, but it was still fun and there was plenty of shade for the boys.

Justin and Camille
Ellee and Clark
Notice my 4th of July towel. I was excited about that.

After the beach we went back home and played in the yard, had a yummy barbecue, (prepared by the boys) and played games. Then we went up to this big park/field for fireworks! New Canaan is amazingly beautiful. The trees, the houses there, and the downtown area were all so cute. I did not want to leave. Also the fireworks were fantastic! I thought Stadium of Fire was like THE place for fireworks but apparently even a smaller town like New Canaan knows how to throw a 4th of July celebration, and the fireworks were just as good as stadium of fire... maybe even better. And even though we didn't have Kelly Clarkson we had the absolute cutest band playing "rockin" music all night!

Oh yeah and this is us conked out after the beach :)
Walking up to the park

The Credit Suisse boys
The Credit Suisse wives

Waiting for fireworks
The band :)
Aren't these gorgeous?!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! geez im jealous! looks amazing. and the beach! gah. !