Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Manhattan Midsummer Updates

I thought I'd catch up a little bit with what's been going on in NYC the past couple weeks. The majority of my week is taken up with work, walking to and from work, walking to and from the grocery store, walking to pick up my laundry, etc.. you get the point. But, occasionally I get out to do some fun things. I'm not a big picture taker lately because I think I've mentioned I hate Iphone photos, and that's all I ever have with me these days. So here goes...

About 3 weeks ago Preston's brother and his wife came out to New York and we were able to spend the day with them (correction- I spent the day with them and Preston met us for lunch and dinner). It was so great having them here! Here we are eating in Madison Park after getting amazing prime rib sandwiches at Eataly. I'm drooling thinking about them...

Me and the other girls here went to the MOMA one day. It was actually way cool. There's a lot of super famous paintings there, obviously, and it was cool to see them in person. We were so disappointed though because we had really wanted to go in the Rain Room, but there was a 4 hour wait and the museum was closing in 4 hours, so that was a huge bummer.

I found a running path! And it's alongside the East River (2 blocks from my apartment) and it's absolutely wonderful! I wish I could go run more often but it's seriously been so hot here I think I would die. Last week I went during a storm and it was so exhilarating running in the rain, I loved it!

I have been getting eaten alive by mosquitos :(  And the worst part is I think it's in my apartment while I'm sleeping. So I have to wear bug spray 24/7 now or else I look like this:
This was only night one of the attack. The next night they doubled it. I couldn't sleep a wink because I was itching so bad. I just wish I was safe from them in my own apartment! :(

.....I thought I had more updates, but I guess I've forgotten! Preston is working like a mad man and I see him pretty much only for like a half hour in the morning while we get ready together, and for like ten minutes when he crawls into bed with me at 3:00 in the morning. Last Saturday I thought he was going to get off early so I was waiting for him outside his work to go to dinner, and he got thrown a last minute assignment. I wandered around town until about 9:00 and he finally got off and we were able to catch a late dinner. It was a miracle! We sure will be happy when this summer is over (never thought I would say that about summer.. sad). 

And one more thought before I end. My friend Ellee found this article about New Yorkers and it is SO true! If you're familiar with New York City you should look at it. One of my favorites is Pretend Like Crazy Stuff Isn't Happening While It's Happening. Working in Union Square, I see my fair share of crazy things. I guess that's all part of what makes NYC so exciting, you are never without things to see :)

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