Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sun Valley

I've really been wanting to blog about our Sun Valley trip, but we got back and jumped right into school, so it's been pretty busy. So now it's time to relive the memories of two weeks ago when life was simple and relaxing, and the only choices I ever had to make were what delicious meal on the menu to get and what activity sounded fun that day.

We started our 6 hour trip up to Sun Valley, Idaho with a stop at Maddox. If you've never heard of it you need to go! It is a restaurant in Brigham City that has the type of food you eat for a gourmet Sunday dinner. I loved it. And so does everyone else apparently because there was a line at the door to get in right when it opened at 11:00 on a weekday. And when we ate there on the return trip it was a complete zoo.

Here's me and Prest eating at Maddox :)
The whole drive up there I couldn't believe we were heading somewhere green and beautiful that is known for its skiing when all I could see out the window were fields, fields, fields. BUT it definitely is beautiful! And I have pictures to prove it!

  While we were there, we did lots of fun things like...

Went to some yummy restaurants. 

Out to breakfast
The whole crew at dinner downtown

Went bowling at the Sun Valley Lodge:

Old school way of keeping score

He won.. of course

We love bowling

Preston's dad thought it was perfectly normal to wear these around

Played tennis and swam:

Played with cute Sophie (brady & teresa's baby):

He'll be such a cute dad :)

Rented bicycles to ride around on.. Preston and I got stuck with the tandem:

Turned out pretty good for me though :)

 Went shopping downtown:

Just one of those things that you have to take a picture with

I guess Cass wasn't loving all the "elderly" clothing stores.

And got ice cream...

Home of the 1st ski lift

Preston's parents

And played Games at night at the condo:

We also went ice skating, the boys golfed, and we hung out at the condo a lot. It was a fun get away before school started. Thank you to Linda and Scott who took us all!! 

We love Sun Valley!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Almost Here

I am just so excited that I want to shout out the window, but after reading my Ellen Degeneres book last night, she clearly pointed out to me that in the 21st century, when we feel like shouting something to the world, we simply put it on facebook or twitter for all the world to see. So... since I'm not a big facebooker and definitely not a tweeter, I am putting it on my blog!


The countdown has begun! Well actually it began the moment he left because every night when we talk we say "well only ___ many weeks/days left. But it's such a realistic countdown now. By this weekend he will be back home with me and I couldn't be happier!!

I've really missed that boy. When I took him to the airport after he came up for 4th of July, I couldn't believe how depressed I felt. When I had to be home by myself for a week the first time, I was perfectly fine. I had a wedding and I saw my friends, and time passed so fast. But for some reason, the morning I took him to the airport after he came back for a visit, I just couldn't even stand the thought of being alone for a whole month and I just cried the whole way home. Pathetic, I know. (Part of the reason is that I get choked up about anything and everything, so it's partly just my overactive hormones). But anyways, just saying... it's been hard not seeing him for so long.

It got even harder last week when the internet he was using stopped working so he couldn't skype with me anymore. Haha oh and when he was using that internet and skyping with me, there was like a 3 minute delay in the video so his facial expressions and movements were way off, it was pretty funny sometimes.

Truth is I'm pretty proud of myself. I can now enter my apartment alone at night without being absolutely terrified, go to church by myself and sit in a crowd of (what seems like) hundreds of newlyweds and be fine with it, eat somewhat healthy and go to the gym without being told to by my husband, and keep a clean, tidy house all by myself.
.......ok so the last one was a joke. I'll never be able to keep a clean house by myself. I maybe picked it up twice in a month...??
But the rest of those are true! Mostly I'm just really glad that I have turned into quite a brave woman over the past month. I just don't even let myself think scary thoughts at night, and then I'm usually fine.

Which brings me to my next point, I haven't said anything about my husband being out of town on my blog the whole time because of blog stalkers/killers. I'm sure they're out there. BUT, I decided I'm probably ok since my blog's not like... well you know. Let's put it this way- I have 12 followers.

Moral of the story is I'm beyond excited to have my husband back. Can't wait!

Melts my heart
You better believe there'll be lots of these when he gets home :)