Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Vegas Weekend

For the 3 day weekend, we went down to Vegas with some friends that are also doing investment banking and will be in New York with us this summer. I had a blast with them, and am so happy I get to spend a summer (and 2 years after that) with these fun girls! I was so happy with our choice to go to Vegas, it was in the 70s all the days we were there! It felt like heaven!

(prepare for picture overload)

The first day we were there, the boys went golfing and the girls went shopping and to lunch on the strip.

That night, we all went exploring on the strip and to dinner at Maggianos. I was loving everything. I seriously just love walking around and looking at all the details that go into all the hotels. It's crazy!

My very favorite part was going to see Cirque de Suleil. We saw Mystere and it was incredible! I can't even describe how mind blown I was. I really want to go see all the Cirque de Suleil shows now, I am obsessed. Seriously, look up them up on youtube and then imagine being right in front of them where you can see every muscle working to do these stunts. Thank you Preston for the perfect Valentine gift!

 The next day was Sunday so we went to church and had more of a relaxing day. We did go to this park down the road that was pretty ghetto, but at least they had tennis courts!

On our way home on Monday, we stopped in St. George to hike around at the crack. I had actually never been in it, so it was super fun for me. Definitely not something for claustrophobic people though!

It was an awesome weekend! I totally started to think that it was spring, and even bought some shorts while I was there. But coming back to Provo, I realize I've still got a little bit of winter to get through :)