Thursday, October 25, 2012

Preston's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Preston!!! (last weekend)

My cute husband turned 25 on the 19th and we had a lot of fun celebrating! We went to Tucanos for lunch that day and it was amazingly delicious just like it always is :)

Here we are at Tucanos:

Then Preston went golfing while I got things ready for his party that night. We had a combined party with Preston's friend, Rob Brinton. Cute thing about this is that Rob and Preston are SO alike. They went to high school together, served their missions together in Germany, lived together after their missions, got married two weeks apart, and have their birthdays a week apart. Crazy huh? (Rob and Tawni didn't wait for us to have a baby at the same time though haha)

So we had a party for them at Rob and Tawni's house. Tawni did such a good job getting everything together and making so much good food! Their Halloween decorations were adorable too!

Preston has some wonderful friends and it was so much fun to have everyone together again! We played the chairs game, ate, watched youtube videos and just hung out. It was a fun night!

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