Monday, October 8, 2012


Fall is in full bloom! (or the opposite I guess..) And even though I kinda dread this time of year because it means that summer is over, I figured I better just start embracing it because it's going to come every year whether I like it or not! (on a side note I think this will be my favorite time of year when I'm older because then fall doesn't equal going back to school and freezing my butt off on campus.)

Today I came home from work and had some delicious potato soup from Old Towne Grill and cuddled with Preston because I won't get to do that for a few days since he is leaving for New York City tonight. I also turned on my little heater at my BYU office, and I wore a scarf! So I guess you could say I'm feeling pretty fallish today.

I had a wonderful weekend watching conference and taking some Scobee family pictures up in the canyon with the changing leaves. These are some pictures I snapped before getting in the car to leave after getting our pictures taken.

Me and Kristine (my sister in law)
The little girls

Emma, my sister

Addisyn, my niece

Driving down from the American Fork Canyon

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