Friday, July 27, 2012

The Great Outdoors

It's midnight now and I am not a bit tired 
(probably has something to do with the 4 hour long nap I took today)
So I thought I would just blog a little bit...

I went camping with my family this past weekend. I've always loved camping and being out in the woods. I was only up there for one night, but it was nice and so beautiful. 

This is the car ride up there with my dad, Emma (my little sister), and the dog hanging his head over our shoulders the whole time :)

Luckily for us the big storm that we were driving up there in all cleared up by the time we got to the campsite. Unluckily for us though, my dad forgot the keys to the camper TWICE. The first time we were only about 20 minutes from home, so we headed back and grabbed a bag of keys. Then once we got up there my dad realized that the keys weren't in the bag and had to go back home again to get them, only this time it was a 2 hour drive back. We stayed positive though :)

The meadow across from our campsite

Meanwhile, when my dad went back to get the keys, we were able to get a fire started after a whole lot of TLC. We didn't even have matches or a lighter because everything was in the camper, so we went to another campsite and borrowed some. All the wood was wet all around, but after an hour or two it started to burn and we got a lovely fire going!

Our hard earned fire

The camper and the canoe... we're old fashioned campers

My cute niece, Addi

My little sister, Emma

We didn't get dinner till pretty late that night, but when we did it was super yummy! Taco salad. After that we roasted smores and sat by the fire until bedtime. I had to leave early the next morning, so that's pretty much it for my little adventure.

Preston always wonders how people actually like going camping. But I'd have to say, besides all the setbacks we experienced this time, camping is so refreshing. It's refreshing to be cut off from the world with no phone service and no internet. It's refreshing to smell pine trees and smoky fires all around, and it's refreshing to just kind of do things the old fashioned way!

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  1. oh Lane, I completely sympathize with the frustrating keys thing. the other night my family did a barbeque up city creek canyon, only to discover that they aren't allowing grilling right now! So then we drove all the way back down, then up a different canyon where we could grill, then back to provo. 5 hours total driving that day when it could have been 2! so maddening