Monday, July 9, 2012

A Wedding and a Job

These last two weeks have been amazing! I was so excited to fly back to Utah just in time for one of my best friends' weddings. Heidi, who I've worked with and lived with at BYU, married one of Preston's best friends, Greg.

P.S. We set them up... so we're pretty proud that they ended up getting married :)

Here's a few pictures from their wedding day: (preston was still in arizona so he couldn't be there)

Freshly married! Coming out of the Timpanogos temple
Their reception was gorgeous!!
Ring ceremony before the reception
Me and some of the bridesmaids, Katherine and Chelsea. It was so much fun hanging out with them all night!
Heidi and her cute grandpa dancing :)
The night before, at the wedding dinner, Heidi was opening some lingerie behind the table and looked up to see her dad standing there! It was hilarious!

After all the wedding festivities were over I set out to find a job. I already have a job on campus, but it's only part time, so I needed another part time job in addition to that to keep me busy and make us some money! I found a job at a new restaurant opening up on center street in Provo. It's called Old Towne Grill and I am a hostess! It's really great food and a really cool atmosphere, so come by!

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