Friday, July 13, 2012


I always love good book recommendations, and since I've been reading a ton these last couple months, I thought I'd do a mini book review so here goes...
(sorry about the poor organization, I just pulled pictures off of google and they weren't aligning very well)

I love this author! Both books were incredible! I'm probably going to read every book he's written now. The Walk was about a man (an advertising agency owner) who lost his wife and his job and decided to walk across the country to Key West Florida. The Sunflower is about two girls who go on a humanitarian trip to Peru and end up falling in love :)

The Goose Girl was not one of my favorites... it is a good book I guess, but it had too much fantasy and imagination for me, but it was interesting and I finished the whole thing.. so that's good!

I think these were the last Nicholas Sparks books that I still needed to read and luckily my grandma had them on her bookshelf and I was able to read them! They are both romance novels, or course, and are easy reads. I enjoyed them.

 I LOVE Chicken Soup for the Soul. I've never actually read the entire book all the way through, but I did this summer! I decided to take this book from my grandma's house and keep it in case I feel like crying and feeling motivated to be a better person! But seriously the stories are really touching.

This is what I am currently reading and so far it is hilarious!! It's not really a novel, it's just kind of random, but I am loving it. Ellen is so entertaining and clever, and you should read this for a good laugh!

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