Friday, May 4, 2012

Road Trip! 1st stop: St. George

I feel like I have TONS to catch up on on my blog. (And also tons of reading others' blogs too!) I've only been in Arizona for 3 days now, but I have had a lot happen and I have a lot of time on my hands, so basically I'll be blogging quite a bit here I think.

Oh and I thought I wouldn't have internet at all while I was down here because my grandparents that I'm staying with don't have it, but I was able to connect to someones and it made me the happiest girl in the world! Thank you Trendnet whoever you are!!!

Ok so I'm going to start at the beginning of our little journey. We left Provo early in the morning to get down to St. George and have a little mini vacation before driving down to Arizona. It was a wonderful day! We got down there and had lunch and shopped a little bit, then went hiking around by Dixie rock. After that we played tennis, swam at the hotel, went out to eat, shopped a little more, went to Nielsens, and that was it! We got in everything we wanted to do, and set out the next morning for Arizona.

Of course I took a million pictures of our hike, so here are some of them :)

Tried being an indian and ended up feeling more like a bear...

See the little speck of red in the middle? That was a ninja man practicing his skills with a big stick on top of a rock! Weird!

This was pretty dang tight.. also could imagine this would make some people pretty claustrophobic

Jumped the gap!

Also stopped at the St. George temple to get some pictures of it


  1. Aw lane! How fun!! So your already all moved to Arizona?! I'm glad you will be blogging a lot more :)

  2. Yeah! I wish you would blog more dear... actually maybe you do but I never know because I can't actually follow you, there's no follow button on your blog so I never know when you blog unless I see it on facebook! Anyways, we are just in Arizona and I am going to blog about it all because it'll give me something to do! haha