Monday, May 14, 2012

Road Trip! 2nd stop: Middle of Nowhere

Part 2 to this little trip down to Arizona is not as happy as part 1. So here's what happened:

We're driving in the desert probably like 80 miles away from any civilization (no joke) and there's road construction out there. This is a one lane road each way so it was pretty backed up. So we come to a stop in the back of this long line of cars waiting to be let by and Preston is all riled up because now we aren't going to make very good time. We'd been sitting there for probably about two minutes when BAM we were hit from behind. It was so scary. I instantly made sure my camera and phone were ok (and my husband) and they were luckily :)

What had happened was that a guy in a truck had taken his eyes off the road for a second and didn't see the line of cars stopped. He had obviously been going really fast and hit into a white Mercedes and knocked that car into the lane of oncoming traffic and then hit into us.

Our car

The Mercedes

The truck that hit us.. he was a nice old cowboy.

The desert

The white car was in worse shape than us and the lady had to get taken in an ambulance. My head hurt a little bit from hitting it against the head rest so hard, but other than that we weren't hurt at all. We did have to stand on the side of the highway for TWO hours. But, the construction people and highway patrol were very nice and funny and we had a good time talking to them. Finally, the main sheriff came after two hours and we were able to get things settled. (By the way, for almost an hour traffic was held up because of this wreck. I bet people were maaaad.) 

When all was said and done, the construction crew helped us tape up and rope up our car so it didn't fall apart on the rest of the drive. (I wish I had a picture of that, and a picture after we'd pulled the trunk off) And we were back on our way to Mesa.

When we finally reached my grandpa's house we were way later than planned and weren't able to take the trip up to Preston's new work so that he could find it on time the next morning. So I just crossed my fingers that he would be able to make it on time!

My suitcase and a few other things were in the trunk of the car, and when we got to my grandpa's we discovered that this trunk would not be opening, and the back car seats wouldn't open either. So I didn't have any of my things and just had to go to bed in my sweaty clothes I had been wearing all day. The next morning we woke up and came out and my grandpa had gotten a crowbar and along with his elderly neighbor next door, they had gotten the trunk off. (the car was looking pretty sad by now.)

To try to make this long story short let's just say that things were pretty crazy that night and the next day. The night we got in we went to get a rental car and the only place open was like an hour away, and my grandpa was working at the temple so we took his old rickety paint truck (which is what I am driving now) and headed up to this rental place. When we got there Preston discovered that he had not brought his license. So we headed back with no rental car and a very frustrated husband.

After working with the insurance company for the last two weeks, we now have one week to find a new car because our car was totaled. Pray for us that we will find a good deal!!

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  1. Oh my goodness lane! I'm so sorry that happened to you! That sounds awful! But getting a new car is always fun! AND.. At least you didn't roll and have to go in the ambulance this time :) love you!