Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Livin' is Easy

I've made it through two weeks here in Arizona! Besides all the hustle bustle with our car situation, things have been fairly quiet and relaxing... I guess you could expect that living with grandparents.

It really has been a huge change for me. The biggest thing is just having so much time. I usually am done with everything I want to do by about 1pm and then I just sit and wait for Preston to come home from work. The first time I went shopping when I was down here it really hit me that I have all the time in the world. I tried on at least 20 different things at Target, I waited in line at the store and didn't feel one bit antsy, and I parked at the far end of the parking lot just because I thought it might kill some time. It's a strange feeling having nothing pressing to do, and I think I am going to be in for a shock once I start school and work again. For now though I'll just keep taking my sweet time doing whatever I want to do.

Since my grandma died last year and my grandpa got remarried, I was really worried about coming down here. I thought it might bring back so many memories and just be depressing all the time, but it's actually been the opposite. It's good to be back here where I spent my summers growing up. I love seeing things that remind me of my grandma everywhere I look. I still miss her so much, but I think I've accepted that she's in a better place, and my memories of her make me happy rather than make me feel like crying like in the past.

It's been really good getting to know my grandpa's new wife, Sandy. She is very sweet and just loves to talk. She can be pretty funny too. My grandpa is like he's always been, but more mellow. I'm not going to go in to my grandpa's personality, but let's just say that he is a fireball. Very opinionated. My grandpa and Sandy live very relaxed lives like I currently do. They have breakfast, watch the news, listen to Rush Limbaugh, take naps, and just do whatever they feel like doing.

My schedule includes making breakfast for Preston, taking the dogs on walks, going to the gym twice a day, swimming, reading by the pool (I've finished three books now), taking naps, and talking to the grandparents. Like I said: I've got it easy.

Preston has really been learning a lot at his internship. He's loving it, besides the drive to and from work... there is soo much traffic and he has to drive all the way to north Scottsdale. He had a shoulder injury while we were down here and had to go to urgent care. It's finally starting to improve, but that darn shoulder has been giving him lots of pain over the past week. He sure is a cutie like always though.

I have inherited three best friends while I've been down here:




Yes, they are dogs, but they are very loving and loyal. In fact, Pugsy has not left my side since I've gotten here. She is literally at my feet everywhere I go. She's an odd dog too. I will have to post a video of her sometime.. she makes this noise like a scream when she gets really excited... I really will record her doing it and post it, it's hilarious, but kinda weird.  Harley is just a tiny dog, but she is so fun and full of energy. Maizee is getting really old and fat and sleeps all day besides when she smells food. She's a really sweet dog though.

Ok so you're probably thinking holy cow Lane has turned in to an old person- she even writes blog posts about her dogs and is getting way boring! haha it's true, but it's entertaining to me! This really has gotten  long though. So to wrap it up, Preston and I are loving Arizona. It's way hot, but it's a happy place and we have so many fun plans for the summer!

Here are some pictures I took of the backyard where I spend most of my time now:

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