Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mothers and home makers and home unmakers

1. Read this (but be sure to come back!) : http://scribbleandjot.wordpress.com/2014/10/27/im-a-mom/
My friend Dana's blog is one of my very favorites and she knows how to write a million times better than I ever could. I love this post about the world's idea of success.

2. Speaking of that blog post- Living in LA I am surrounded by nannies and grandmothers taking care of the kiddos at the park or the library or wherever I go during the day. Half of me feels really lucky that I get to be with my sweet little girl all day every day and half of me dreams of being out in the world doing grown up things like so many of those kids moms. Seriously though, I am blessed to do what I do, just sometimes want the best of both worlds.

3. Also relating to number 2... The other day this old woman (97 years old!) stopped to talk to me on her walk and told me her granddaughter was a nanny who needed a new family to look after. I told her that I stay at home during the day with my daughter. She then said "well what about at night when you go out?" ......... "umm I don't go out"... haha.... ever. Yikes.

4. While I'm being all mean to myself I might as well add that my new "homemaker" occupation title should be changed to "home un-maker." I am the absolute worst at keeping the house clean! Avonlea isn't much help in that department either. My poor husband loves when the house is clean and I just can't seem to ever make that dream of his come true. Any tips on keeping a 900 square foot apartment tidy? It shouldn't be this hard right???

5. Avonlea has been spending a little too much time daydreaming by the window about going outside. And it's all thanks to me being a huge bookworm. I've been reading the Selection series and it's not like it's some life changing book, but it's seriously impossible to put down. I'm almost done with the last book though and then life can go back to normal :)

6. Now that I've put it all out there that I am a house-mom failure let me just say that I did get my baby the cutest costume ever. She was a peacock and I just wanted to eat her up every time I put her in her little costume. She trick or treated on Halloween with her cousins in Pasadena and held her own treat bucket in one hand and a glow stick in the other hand the whole night long! I was so proud of her!

7. My last final note is just to say that my husband is quite the hard worker. I hate when other people brag about their husbands so I won't say too much, but he seriously is the best. He works all day and all night and runs himself into the ground for us. It's pretty amazing that he can do what he does. ....And then come home to sleep on this:

We call it his slave quarters. hahaha just joking, kind of. He has just been sleeping there the past week while I try to sleep train Avonlea. It didn't work the last time so we are attempting it one more time before we give up and accept that we will never sleep through the night :)

I sound so depressing... it's just one of those days. The problem is it's only ever these days that I blog. So next time I promise I'll post something more upbeat and productive. (And share a bit of all the fun things we've been up to). Until then, have a great week!!!

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