Thursday, September 4, 2014

It's been a while...

Hello!!! It's been forever since I've visited this old blog of mine. Preston told me yesterday "No more spending money, the credit card bill is up the wall!" So today I decided to stay in and try to save money. So far it's been a bit boring. :( After reading Avonlea all her books like ten times, dancing around the living room with her, and eating everything in sight I decided to try to think of things to do that don't cost money. And that's when I remembered this old forgotten blog. (It could really use a face lift, but that's for another time) No guarantees but I think I'm going to start blogging again! It's been a whirlwind the last 7 months and I didn't get to blog about Avonlea's birth story or any of her lovely newborness. (Although I did start writing about her birth a few times and never finished)

She's now crawling around like crazy and is the sweetest, happiest little babe in the world. Oh and we live in Los Angeles now a days. :)  Obviously a lot has happened since my last post of a barely-there baby bump. So hopefully people are still following and can read along as I start up my blog again with little bits and pieces of our life!

And of course here's a couple pictures of Avonlea Jean since that's all I take pictures of anymore :)

6 month appt... before the shots

Feeling like a kid in a snowsuit

On her half birthday

Ready to go shopping :)

Playing at church

7 months

A crawler!

Her new high chair


  1. So cute Lane! I'm happy you might get back into blogging! Especially cause we live so far away from each other now!

  2. Lane!! I'm so happy you blogged
    Please do it more often! I can't believe she is crawling! That busy bee. I miss you guys! She is so beautiful and perfect. Love you!

  3. I keep clicking on your blog hoping to see what you've been up to. Yay! So glad to start getting some updates :D

  4. haha it cracked me up so bad what you said about not knowing what to do with yourself without spending money. I totally relate! Living in LA though, i bet you could find TONS of free stuff to do with kids, I've been so surprised how much there is in Kansas City. Gas $ might add up, but at least the stuff is free right? Keep blogging :)

  5. Oh Lane I sure love and miss you! I always think about blogging too, since I haven't blogged since Reese was born either! Maybe if you start, it will inspire me to get into it again :) Hope everything is going well for you and your cute family! Can't believe we haven't got our babes together!!

  6. Avi is so darn cute!!! and big!! I tell Rob all the time when he says I am spending too much money that I boredom shop! It keeps me entertained when I am home all day! So I feel ya girl!

  7. I'm glad you are getting back into blogging too. I could call or text more than I do, but life gets busy and this way I can still know what's going on even when life gets super busy.