Friday, March 1, 2013

Sunshine, old age, and a good quote...

It's hard to explain how I'm feeling right now- a mix between giddiness and contemplative, and if I'm completely honest I think that it's a result of the weather today. I can't say that I have seasonal depression, but I can say that I feel like a brand new elated version of myself when spring rolls around. And today feels like spring has rolled around. I know I'll be disappointed probably by next week, but I am just really enjoying this nice day today. I drove to school with the windows down and walked up to campus without a jacket- and for me, it's those small things that make my day.

It was also my last day working at Old Towne Grill. I'm actually kind of sad about it. I really love that restaurant and would have liked to keep working there if it worked better with my schedule. But, I do have another new job. I (along with my friend Shayla) am working at an assisted living house helping an elderly lady named Millie. Millie is 96 and has dementia, so we are playing music and singing hymns, doing puzzles and word searches, and doing other activities with her. As a result, aging has been on my mind quite a bit lately. It's crazy to me how life goes in a complete circle sometimes. Older people become almost as dependent as little children.  You have to help them walk, show them how to do puzzles, read to them, help them get ready for bed.. etc. What's kind of sad is that I don't think she'll ever really know me. I have to introduce myself each day to her- but, I've only been going for 2 weeks so maybe it'll change..? I don't know, but through doing this and spending the summer living with my grandparents, I do know that spending time with older people means the world to them. Even when I was living with my grandparents, (and they aren't even THAT old) whenever they would get a phone call, they would get this big smile that lasted all day. Also it was like a huge event for Sandy, my grandpa's new wife, to have visiting teachers over. They just get so lonely and love interaction with people. This is definitely something I need to work on. I always feel so bad when my grandpa has to call me because I forgot to call him. So here's my little challenge for myself and whoever is reading this- take time to visit or call your grandparents or some older person that you know. In my case, I would give anything to have my grandma just a phone call away, and I need to take advantage of the fact that I still have my grandpa.

With all that, I wanted to share one more thing and that is this quote:

I saw it on Pinterest and it really hit me how true it is. I thought of all the people out there praying that they can get pregnant, or that they could walk again or hear again, or have their mom back again... There are different things for everyone. I don't think I really need to say much else about it, but it's good to keep in mind to always be grateful for the things you have.

Well I've spent a lot of time spilling my thoughts, so I better get back to work! Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I'm pretty sure this really cute girl in my ward Ali serves at Old Towne Grill too, do you know her?

    Also, my widowed grandma lived in Orem for a long time while I was living in Provo and I totally never visited her for the first year or so that I was here and I felt bad about it and decided to start visiting every Sunday. I'm so so glad I did because she loved it and I loved it, and she died about a year later and I wouldn't have known her very well at all if not for those visits.

    1. Yes I know Ali!! She is my favorite!! And also Liz.. I was going to ask you if you knew her, that's crazy! I feel like there's so many people that went to Davis- I guess it's a HUGE high school.

      I love that you went and visited your grandma every Sunday, you are a saint. And it was so good to see you yesterday, I need to see you and Camryn more!!

  2. Lane! I love your post! Also, I love your new title thing - so cute! I want to come meet Millie! I think that breakfast this morning was a hit :) I am glad you had the idea!

    1. Oh thanks! I needed to do something with my blog so I changed up the top, it was actually really fun! haha that breakfast was great, I seriously love morning get-togethers so much more than nighttime ones!