Tuesday, March 5, 2013


So I was tagged by my friend Ellee to do the "5 things about me" thing that went around Instagram last month, but this time in the blogging world. Since I already did that, and I can't think of anything interesting, I wrote more of a "5 things that happened to me today" post.

Five things about me:

1) I hit the mute button with my cheek whenever I talk on the phone. It drives me crazy, but luckily Preston is so used to it that he always know when I've pushed it and can tell me right off the bat. ...Does this happen to anyone else???

2) I always get suckered into buying a .25 donut after 8:00pm at Maceys

3) I love laying in bed probably more than anyone in the world (I guess that could be translated as "I'm really lazy" but I'm not, I just love being in bed)

4) I have watched every episode of the Bachelor and Bachelorette for the past two and a half years and I'm really excited for the finale next week!! The Bachelor and The Office are pretty much the only shows I ever watch and ever have watched  ...once again I'm not making myself look very good on here - apparently all I do is eat donuts, lay in bed, and watch TV ha ha

5) To redeem myself, I did go to the gym and the grocery store, payed rent, took my car in for safety and emissions testing (which it failed) and worked at the rest home tonight- all after getting off work at 4:00.
Also another little bonus thing about me is that I have never written lists for myself. I basically try to keep track of everything in my mind, which never works because I forget things all the time (quick side story about that: My visiting teachers called the other day to tell me they were coming over that night and I was like "Oh my gosh I totally forgot!" After I got off the phone Preston told me he had overheard them talking at church the other day saying that they needed to make sure they called and reminded me before they came visiting teaching because I tend to forget things! ha ha) Anyways I was saying that I never write lists of to-do items and Preston told me that I should try that so I made a list and it's kind of consumed my mind. I'm always checking it now and wanting to be able to cross things off. It's nice because it frees up some memory space in my mind, but it's also a little annoying seeing all those things I need to do on a piece of paper :)

There you have it. Five things that have crossed my mind in the last five minutes. Now I'll go cross off my list that I did this!

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