Monday, March 12, 2012

Exciting News!

No I'm not pregnant. But... We are moving to Arizona for the summer!!! Preston found out a little while ago that he got the internship that he's been wanting in Scottsdale, so we are going down as soon as school gets out. (We'll be back by the middle of July so it's not technically the whole summer.) Since my grandpa and his new wife live in Mesa, we will be staying with them which will save us a lot of money on rent and most likely we will keep our apartment in Provo.

I'm so excited for a change this summer. It'll be a fun adventure to go live down there for a while. I'm going to start looking for a job down there and praying that I can find one! I absolutely love being down there, even though this summer will be a big change with my grandma gone. It's going to be an adjustment, but hopefully it'll be okay.

So we're in for a HOT HOT HOT summer! But we're SO excited!


  1. How fun Lane!! I love when you update your blog even if it only is every few months :) Love you!!!

    1. haha I know I need to be better at it! PS I texted you last week and you never wrote back!!!!

  2. That's awesome!! Mesa is so fun you will love it! And yes let's be bloggy friends :)