Thursday, May 26, 2011


Just thought I'd catch up a little with what's been going on with the Phillips.
We went to St. George last weekend! It was wonderful! We went with our good friends Rob and Tawni. We only had one full day there, so we hiked, played tennis, swam in the pool, went to dinner, went to lunch, went to dessert, went bowling, and shopped a little. It was so nice to get some sun since we don't seem to be getting much in Provo lately!

Preston got sick this last week. Poor guy.

Cassidy (Preston's sister) is graduating tonight!

Besides St. George, we've just been working.. that's mostly it. I'm still looking for another job so let me know if anyone knows of anything!
We are getting ready to leave to Florida in 4 days!!!!!! SO excited for that!
And when we get back it's Kelsey's wedding!!!

Bowling in St. George

Cass- the gorgeous Timpview graduate!

Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Stiles


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