Sunday, June 23, 2013

Robert Moses Beach Trip

This last week I had been feeling so antsy to get out of the city, so I looked up some day trips and found a whole bunch of fantastic beaches that were within reach by train. I decided on Robert Moses State Park on Saturday morning and packed up and headed to the beach for the day... by myself. Does that make me a loser or extremely independent/adventurous?? Oh well I don't even care because it was exactly what I needed! Just being able to breath fresh air and not hear horns honking 24/7 made it completely worth it, but to throw a cherry on top, this beach was absolutely beautiful; just as good as any California beach.

The train ride out there from Manhattan was only like an hour and a half and it went by really fast! I got myself some popcorn and was as happy as a kid going to Disneyland the whole ride out there!

From the train you just have to take a short bus ride out to the beach. In this picture I had just started to see the beaches out the window :) :) :)
I was way happy with my choice of beach when I got there. Besides not having cell phone service and that it was kind of windy, it was perfectly relaxing!
Reading my book and munching on carrots. Don't be deceived, carrots were the only healthy thing I ate that day. Besides that it was all cookies, junk food, and fried food- yuck!
 This is looking back on the lighthouse when I went for a walk along the water
 Some more beautiful pictures:
 And this was for my husband who had to work and couldn't come with me...
Like I said, it was such a relaxing day and I'm pretty sure I'll be heading out there a few more times during my summer in New York. Who would have thought that such beauty lies just outside the city?? And that a newbie like me could find my way out there all on my own?! :)

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