Friday, May 10, 2013

Florida 2013

We took the most wonderful trip to Florida about two weeks ago with Preston's family. We went to northern Florida, Amelia Island, and stayed in a house on the golf course with the white sand, tall grass beach just minutes away. Everything was just perfect.

Basically it seems like a "blogging faux pas" to post tons of pictures, and a double whammy to write a vacation post, but I'm totally breaking both and I encourage everyone else to do so too because I loooove pictures and also love hearing about people's trips :)

So here's my overload of vacation pictures:

P.S. in case you don't get to the bottom I'll post this up here :)
Good news: I got an internship in NYC this summer doing advertising at Union Square Media!!!! So that means that Preston and I will both be busy bees this summer, and it also means that I will officially graduate from BYU in August!!! Woohoo!


A lot of our pictures were taken when we would go to dinner in the evenings in downtown Fernandina Beach. It's this super quaint, cute town with lots of great restaurants! The Phillips family loves eating (not in like an obese way) so we went to a fantastic restaurant every night.

Eating on the pier

The whole group
My adorable niece, Sophie

I only have a couple of beach pictures. The little girl in the second picture is just a random girl that I became friends with and we sat in the warm pockets of ocean water and chatted for quite a while!

On Sunday we went to church there and fell in love with the ward and the fact that the church's backyard looks like this. We totally want to live there someday.

love the spanish moss

After church, Preston's mom's cousin and his family came to have dinner with us. They have four kids who are all named after different destinations like Cayman, Staten.. I can't remember the others right now. But their parents take them to their place when they turn 12. I thought that sounded pretty cool. Also they have the BEST christmas cards I have ever seen! I would post one on here but that might be weird since I hardly know them :)

Not really a great picture of anyone but oh well :)
Oh also this is our backyard- I loved opening the curtains every morning!

On Monday we took a little road trip down to St. Augustine, the oldest city still in existence in America. I thought everything on the main street was so beautiful. It kinda felt like Europe to me (even though I've never been there ha)

Preston and his dad went golfing every day, and I went out with them once to see the beautiful golf course.

The last night we were there we stopped at the beach to get a few pictures of it, but it was so super windy! It's seriously like a Nicholas Sparks book/movie there, it's pretty dreamy.

I want that blue beach house soo bad!

And of course we went to dinner in Fernandina Beach our last night. It started to get stormy the day we left so we were pretty happy that we came when we did!

She's the cutest

Missing Cass already (she left on her mission the other day)

And that's pretty much everything! Except we went to the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia one day and saw lots of alligators but I'm making a whole other blog post for that!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Sooo gorgeous! That grassy beach is killing me, it IS just like a Nicholas Sparks book!

  2. Wait. Freaking Kelsey Stiles - I just barely made the exact same comment as you on the post before this! Um ya, great minds think alike.

  3. LANE! That internship sounds AMAZING!!!!! Yay! I am so happy for you! I can't wait to hear all about it! Times square!!! Yay, you are the best!