Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

     This past weekend was great! It's not so much what we did, but I just felt good... you know?
So on Friday I got a new phone (and a new number) and then we just hung out at Preston's house with his family and me and Preston ordered one of those Pizza Hut $10 boxes... it was not good-so greasy, so we won't do that anymore.

     On Saturday Preston went up to the library to study and I cleaned up and did a little shopping, and I was very good at only getting what I needed. :) When I got home we went and watched the BYU rugby game and that was so nice! The weather felt perfect and it just felt like summer to be out there watching the game. This was my first rugby game so I was pretty entranced by everything going on and trying to learn the rules and what they were doing. (I really liked the "scrum" and when they would lift each other up to get the ball when someone threw it in.) After the game we went and tried a new restaurant in downtown Provo called Black Sheep Cafe. It's southwestern food and it was pretty good- I really liked the scones. After that Preston went to play golf and I went over to his parents to "study" which was actually taking a nap out on the grass. When I woke up I did a practice on Preston's sister's hair for her wedding, (which is in May!) The rest of the night was just fun, relaxing, talking, etc.

    Sunday was Easter!! I have this favorite breakfast that I used to make all the time when I lived at home, but hardly ever make now since Preston doesn't like it, but I had to have it for Easter! It's called Creamed Eggs and it's soo yummy! So after I ate that we played a little Super Nintendo, and then went to church (we went to Preston's family's ward for Easter and the choir was amazing!)
Preston's mom made a wonderful dinner as always and we just enjoyed the night playing with cute little Sophie. She is seriously the cutest baby ever!

So here's some pictures from our Easter Sunday:

He was such a good sport... he hates taking pictures

Preston's cute mom made us all Easter baskets!

Sophie loves her uncle Preston

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